This Project involved the probing of the Tuli River to find adequate conditions for 3 sand boreholes, these were then developed with our own in-house technique of drilling in sand to a depth of 8 meters. The holes were yield tested to 50 000litres an hour each with no sign of excessive draw down or aquifer draining. The holes were equipped with 21 stage submersible pumps capable of doing 30m3/h to 110m head using 18.5kW on a duty standby operation. The pumps are powered by a 29kW solar array (144no of 200W panels) located above the 100 year flood mark nearby. The pump attendants house was also powered by solar for this project. The water extracted was potable and there was no need to treat the water. The pumps pushed water into a 125mm pipeline 7km to an existing reservoir and pipe distribution network.